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Note: You must have laptop during class


Six Months

Advance Monthly Fees

2,500 PKR

Monthly Fees

2,500 PKR

Classroom Based

Support Included

About Web Design & Development

Learn beginner to advance development skills. From Design to Development of the web applications. Perfect for career switchers, digital aspirants and all techy professionals seeking to boost their career.

web design and development courses

What will you learn?

Layout of sites in HTML and CSS, make layout changes.

Work with relational databases using MYSQL example.

Work with the API Design a site for any type of device.

Understand legacy code.

Manage the development of digital projects.

Apply UX knowledge and data from Customer Journey Map.

Work with Reactjs ,Vue.js or Angular.

About Program

iSkillers IT Skills Training & Job creation Program is provincial, classroom based and online training program, started by Tharparkar’s first IT Company "iSkillers" to impart trainings to youth of Sindh. We aim to train one million people across Sindh in next 10 years.

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iSkillers, 1st Floor Kallar House, North Colony, Mithi, Pakistan