video editing training courses

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Note: You must have laptop during class


Three Months

Admission Fees

5,000 PKR

Monthly Fees

2,500 PKR

Classroom Based

Support Included

Video Production and Editing

You will learn Adobe Premiere PRO, DaVinci and Avid from scratch, learn how to edit clips, reports and movies. You can create cool videos for your blog, start a career in the film industry or television.

video editing courses

What will you learn?

Work in Adobe Premiere Pro

Learn the program tools. You will be able to collect videos from several videos, adjust colors and stabilize the image, add credits and work with a multicamera.

Create effects and animations

Get acquainted with Adobe After Effects, learn how to complement video effects, animate text and photos. You'll understand how to style the video and make it original.

Edit sound

Master Adobe Audition, you can clean the sound from noise and combine several audio tracks into one. Learn how to edit dialogues, add music backgrounds or complement videos with noise and sounds.

Mount videos of different genres

Learn the features of editing music videos, journalistic videos, videos for social networks and movies. Learn how to edit videos of different genres and make color correction in the DaVinci application.

JavaScript: Arrays, Loops, and Objects

Discover more JavaScript techniques and features including arrays, looping, and objects.

Work with movie material

You can work with Avid and edit action scenes and dialogues. You will learn the subtleties of film production and understand how to work together with a director.

About Program

iSkillers IT Skills Training & Job creation Program is provincial, classroom based and online training program, started by Tharparkar’s first IT Company "iSkillers" to impart trainings to youth of Sindh. We aim to train one million people across Sindh in next 10 years.

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