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Note: You must have laptop during class


Three Months

Admission Fees

5,000 PKR

Monthly Fees

2,500 PKR

Classroom Based

Support Included

Digital Marketing

You will learn how to build a strategy, select advertising channels to work with large or small budgets and effectively manage your team. Get additional specialization in contextual, targeted advertising or SEO. You will be able to work in large projects, apply for a leadership position and earn more.

digital marketing courses

What will you learn?

Build promotion strategies for medium and large businesses

You will understand how to promote large brands: analyze the audience and competitors, select channels for promotion, develop a media plan and evaluate results. You will be able to build effective marketing in companies with a large advertising budget.

Set up and run advertising campaigns

You are pumping up in launching and optimizing contextual, targeted and video advertising. Learn the subtleties of SEO promotion of large projects. Learn how to build 360 marketing. You will be able to use all channels to promote and increase sales.

Develop and promote the product

Go deeper into product marketing: learn how to conduct marketing research, create a customer journey map (CJM), count unit economy and evaluate project effectiveness. You will be able to successfully bring products to market and increase the company's profit.

Manage the command

Learn how to assemble an effective team, competently delegate responsibilities, set tasks and correct KPIs to employees and contractors. Understand how to track and improve their performance.

Set up end-to-end analytics

You will learn how to collect statistics on all advertising channels and analyze it. Learn how to track the buyer's path to improve their interaction with the brand. You will be able to understand which channels work best and distribute the advertising budget more effectively.

Use analytics and create reports

Learn to analyze the results of advertising campaigns in depth, work with Google Analytics . Learn how to prepare visual reports for the customer. You will be able to make effective management decisions and improve brand promotion.

About Program

iSkillers IT Skills Training & Job creation Program is provincial, classroom based and online training program, started by Tharparkar’s first IT Company "iSkillers" to impart trainings to youth of Sindh. We aim to train one million people across Sindh in next 10 years.

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